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Common Mistakes Made In Selecting Metal Evaluation Software

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Common Mistakes Made In Selecting Metal Evaluation Software

It’s easy to jump in a bit too fast when you’re trying to get a solid metal evaluation program for your business. Here are some common mistakes people make when trying to get the right software for them, including what you can do in order to avoid these mistakes and find the right software for you. Failing to Locate a Trial It’s fairly simple if a piece of software you’re looking at doesn’t have a trial period where you can try it out, then you shouldn’t be considering that program. There’s really no other way to properly test how well a program is going to work for you than by using a demo or trial. This will help you easily narrow down what you need, at the least. Any software that isn’t going to offer you a trial is doing so for shady reasons, or else it’s going to be impossible for you to verify that this isn’t the case. It’s definitely going to be worth holding out for a trial. Missing Estimation Features If you need to evaluate and estimate the amount of sheet metal required for HVAC procedures, for example, it’s important that you make sure that the evaluation software that you’ve found contains this feature. You can’t just assume that it will be there based on the other features listed. Any program worth its salt is going to be able to handle metal estimation as well as evaluation functions. Forgetting to Check for Technology Integration Whatever technology you have on hand for evaluating metal, you need to make sure that any software you have will sync up with it. For example, one common type of metal evaluation technology is called Laser Ultrasonics. This technology is used to evaluate microstructure in metal materials. It’s non-destructive and it doesn’t even require physical contact with the metal either, which is useful if the metal is hot or shouldn’t be touched for any other reason. Not all programs will be able to handle data from this type of technology since it’s specific and has to do with the wavelength of laser light coming back from the metal. The important thing is to make sure you have the hookups for it in your program if it’s a device you plan on using to determine the soundness of metal. Overall, it’s important to make sure you get what you need before committing. You will ultimately be glad you did. Contact a company like CTOME – Software & Consulting Inc. for more...

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2 Reasons To Switch Your Business Servers To A Next Generation Terminal Emulator

Posted by on Apr 6, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2 Reasons To Switch Your Business Servers To A Next Generation Terminal Emulator

When considering the switch from outdated terminal emulators to the new technology that is currently available, you may immediately start to get visions of your IT budget suddenly seeming to ‘spring a leak,’ as the prospect of this type of change can be extremely costly. Calculating high installation costs, licensing fees, maintenance costs and possibly even the acquisition of new hardware can be a formidable task. Not to mention the cost associated with training employees to use the new system and the possible interruptions in day-to-day productivity. With all of those it may seem to be simpler to just stick with what your company already has. However, there are next generation terminal emulators available that can make this seeming headache almost nonexistent. So, here are two reasons why it may be more beneficial to your business to switch than to remain with the outdated tech. Get your money’s worth Getting a terminal emulation system that may require you to change your hardware throughout your business, for the many users that you have, can be unrealistic as well as costly. However, there are terminal emulators available on the market now that are high-tech and can be used with a variety of PC and browser-based servers, such as IBM Mainframes, iSeries, UNIX/DEC, Unisys, and HP NonStop Tandem as well as secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP). In addition to this, they can be uploaded from any web server, making the need for new hardware obsolete. This way, there is very little cost associated with changing out the terminal emulation system in your company. Your IT team can then simply factor in the licensing fees that will be needed, which is likely to be less than the combined costs associated with the yearly licensing fees, maintenance costs and costly upgrade issues that you may be having with your old system now. Save time It is suggested that for productivity to be at its highest among your employees they should take 17 minute breaks for every 52 minutes that they actually work. Thankfully, current high-tech terminal emulators will not need to take much of that working time from your employees as they are usually quite simple to deploy. In fact, there are options available where they can be sent via e-mail with a corresponding link for your employees to use, regardless of where in the country or the world they happen to be working from.  In addition, next generation emulation systems can be had that duplicate the look and feel of the previous systems with none of the bugs. This means that time can be saved, as well, by not having to incorporate training as a part of the new installation. Click here to learn more about terminal...

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How To Buy Internet For Your Online Gaming Event

Posted by on Feb 23, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Buy Internet For Your Online Gaming Event

Are you going to be hosting a gaming event? If so, you will want to ensure that your LAN connection is reliable, fast, and stable. Many online games require high-quality internet, especially if you want to game on high-resolution settings. So, if you are going to need to buy a new internet service for this gaming event, there are a few things to keep in mind, ensuring you provide you and your guests with a great gaming experience. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a new internet service to use for gaming purposes: Be Able to Use Your Own Hardware: When hosting a gaming event with your friends, you will want to ensure that everyone has the same internet service quality to ensure no one experiences with any sort of lag during gameplay. Well, most gamers prefer to be connected to the internet by an ethernet cable, rather than WIFI. This means you will need to utilize all of the ethernet ports on your modem and router, which may be a problem if your internet provider only offers 3-4 ethernet ports. So, to ensure you are able to utilize aftermarket switches and multiple routers during your gaming event, be sure that you buy your internet from an internet service provider that offers flexible service across all internet hardware. Don’t be Capped on Your Bandwidth: Online games can utilize a tremendous amount of bandwidth, so if you have many people playing a high-resolution game at once, you can see extremely poor internet speeds if you have a limited bandwidth connection. This is why it is important to take the time and shop for an internet service that offers unlimited bandwidth. Having an unlimited bandwidth will ensure your internet service has a stable connection and reliable speeds. Keep an Eye on Your Mbps: To provide the best gaming experience for you and your friends, you will want to be certain that you are able to play at full high-definition settings. The higher the settings are, the faster your internet service will need to be in order for the maps, game structure, and characters to load quickly. So, if you want to avoid any sort of gameplay lag, be sure you purchase an internet service that offers both faster upload and download speeds. Both of these speeds play a huge factor in online gaming, so be sure you don’t just buy a service that only offers fast download with slow upload speeds as you will need both of them to be reliable and fast. These tips will help guarantee that you get the best internet service for your money, so you can host a great gaming event, without you and your guests experiencing any lag or a dropped connection due to a poor internet signal. So, before you commit to an internet service provider, be sure to take advantage of these tips so you can be confident with the internet service you purchase....

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What Can And Can’t Be Repaired Remotely?

Posted by on Dec 30, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What Can And Can’t Be Repaired Remotely?

Remote support is a great way to get your computer fixed without having to leave home. The Internet is used to allow technicians to perform many tasks without physically touching your computer, but there are some things that aren’t easily accomplished with remote support alone. Take the time to understand what remote support is all about and what can and can’t be accomplished with remote access by itself. What Does Remote Support Do? Remote support basically sends an interactive movie of your computer to technicians. Remote support technicians use various types of remote desktop software that can display your computer screen after you download a file and allow access. Allowing access is the key to getting the remote repairs done. Not much else is required of you aside from opening the file that technicians direct you to, but you need to be sure that you’re working with the technician that you trust. Only open files when instructed by the technician, and be sure to follow their instructions, as there are some fake websites that could trick you into opening the wrong files. If the technician says you’re at the right place, don’t dwell for too long on confirmation. The system can certainly be exciting or even intimidating for the first-time user, but for security reasons, many remote access programs have a time limit for launching the downloaded access file. If you take too long asking the technician if they’re sure it’s safe, they’ll have to direct you to another file. Besides, if it weren’t safe enough to suggest, a trained technician wouldn’t be suggesting it in the first place. If you’re absolutely sure that you’re connected to the wrong service and your technician disagrees, simply disconnecting your Internet connection (not the actual computer power) can end the session quickly and you can start over after removing any incorrect services. What Can And Can’t Remote Support Do? If you can click or type on the computer, the technician can do it as well. Software installations, uninstallations, virus removal, configuration changes or even performing tasks on websites and applications can be done by a remote support technician. As long as you have a working Internet connection and a powered on, logged on computer, the technician can get the work done. There are times where the computer has to restart or the Internet connection may be lost, in which case you need to start the computer, log in to your your computer account (if applicable) or make sure that your Internet connection is working. If your Internet isn’t working, there’s a limit to what technicians can do. A trained technician with networking experience can walk you through a few steps, but unless you have a sufficiently high computer networking skill, you won’t be able to perform some of the tasks easily and may cause more problems. It’s better to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get Internet help. You arrange for your remote support team to have such calls handled for you by technicians, but be sure to make these arrangements beforehand. Most ISPs require some sensitive, identifying information to get through to support, so you’ll want to make sure to change any challenge information to something other than Social Security number (SSN) digits or similarly risky information. Remote support technicians...

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Three Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t DIY Repair Your Laptop

Posted by on Nov 9, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Reasons You Probably Shouldn’t DIY Repair Your Laptop

If you’re familiar with the building and repair of a desktop computer, you may be inclined to fix your laptop computer. After all, how difficult can it be? But while the technology behind a laptop computer is very similar to a desktop, there are a few things that make repairs much more challenging. 1. The Work Is Extremely Precise Opening up a desktop computer usually just involves unscrewing some bolts. From there, all of the components are neatly placed within the motherboard. They’re easy to move in and out because there’s so much open space. A laptop is very different. Not only can it be difficult to simply open a laptop (there are a multitude of small screws and catches), but the laptop has to be assembled just right for it even to close again. You could find yourself opening your laptop only to be unable to get it all to fit back together! And if it does fit together, you could find that a small gap ruins the venting of the machine and causes it to overheat. In short, there’s a lot that could go wrong. 2. You’ll Void Your Warranty Laptop warranties are generally voided the instant that you take it apart. That includes simply opening up the case to run a multimeter over the components. And your warranty may be longer than you think: you can check on it by calling the manufacturer and giving them your laptop’s serial number. Voiding your warranty means that even if there’s something wrong in your computer that was entirely the manufacturer’s fault, they still aren’t going to pay for the repairs and replacements.  3. The Parts Are More Difficult to Source Desktop components are everywhere. It makes sense: people build their own desktops all the time. Comparatively, people almost never build their own laptops. That makes it harder to find laptop components and makes the components themselves more costly. Many laptop components are proprietary; if you don’t use the manufacturer’s branding, the computer may not work. When you deal with a repair company, you sidestep all of these issues. Most repair companies have access to these manufacturer parts at a discount. There you have it: there are a lot of reasons why at-home laptop repair isn’t as convenient as it sounds. Before you go sorting for your miniature screwdrivers, you might want to inquire with a local PC repair company like Nation’s First Office Repair. They may even be able to fix it under the manufacturer’s...

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What Works Best For You, LCD Or Plasma?

Posted by on Oct 8, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on What Works Best For You, LCD Or Plasma?

Whether you are a true couch potato or just like to enjoy your favorite sitcom once a week, your TV can have a big impact on your viewing experience. Not all TVs are created equal as some are much better quality than others. While you will find a wide array of different models, sizes, and brands, thee display type is easily one of the biggest factors in choosing the right V. There are two popular options when choosing by display. You have the LCD and the plasma to choose from. Both offer many great benefits to viewers like yourself regardless of how much you watch TV. In order to make the best decision, you need to understand the advantages to each type so you can pick your TV out quicker and get home to watch it.  LCD When shopping for a new TV, you are very likely to see various models that say LCD. This acronym stands for liquid crystal display. This type of display uses crystals inside the pixels in order to manipulate light from the TV’s bulbs. This helps provide you the picture on the screen that you view. Most commonly, an LCD TV will either use LEDs or CCFLs in order to provide the images.  One of the biggest benefits to choosing an LCD TV is the price. In general, these TVs are typically priced lower than a plasma TV. Of course, quality is important and a high quality LCD could end up costing more than a low quality plasma TV. Additionally, an LCD TV utilizes less power than other types of TVs. This can be huge for someone who is looking to keep their power bill down. If money is a big issue to you, you are going to want to stick with one that is low cost to purchase and won’t require a lot of electricity to use.  Plasma Much unlike LCD, plasma TVs use gas-filled pixels in an effort to deliver quality images. Each pixel in a plasma is controlled individually instead of in unison like with an LCD TV. While you may not get suck a uniformed picture, you will get great picture quality with each pixel working to incorporate great images. Because a plasma TV has a distinct design, it can make the viewing experience much better by offering great viewing angles. This is a great choice if you plan to invite several people over to watch a game or something. Plasma TVs also offer a much faster refresher rate than many other types of TVs, especially the LCD options.  To learn more, contact a company like A Tech...

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Tips for Installing Computers in an Older Home

Posted by on Aug 14, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips for Installing Computers in an Older Home

If you live in an older home, you likely need to upgrade your circuitry to properly install any computers. In most cases, older homes were wired to power up a few large and small appliances as well as lighting. When installing computers, it may require many more outlets than you have and  larger amounts of electricity. Follow the tips below to make sure your computer installation goes smoothly for you. Adapters Some older homes use 2-pronged adapters, along with extension cords and surge protector trips, to provide electricity for their computers, printers, routers, and modems. This may work well for you, but it can be a fire hazard because your computers will try to pull more power than the adapter has.  Look at the outlets in your home. If you only have two prongs, you will see only two holes. For a 3-pronged outlet, you will see three holes. If you have a lot of computers set up in your home with your current electrical wiring, your breaker may trip often, and your lights may dim or flicker, especially in the room that has the computers installed. Hire an electrical contractor to come to your home and replace any 2-pronged electrical outlets with 3-pronged outlets, which have more power. Don’t try to replace the outlets in your home on your own. An electrician will ensure it is done right, which is important for your safety. Wrongly installed electrical wiring could lead to a fire. Amps Since you have an older home, your may have power that is only sixty amps. Homes today need much more than this to run their computer equipment, flat screen television, HVAC unit, and anything else that runs by electricity. To increase the amps, the electrician will upgrade the breakers. These breakers are covered by a door that may be installed in your basement, kitchen, or a different room. The electrician will check each breaker to determine how many amps it has and replace them with more powerful breakers. The electrician will likely check the wiring in your entire home. If it is very old, you may have aluminum wiring, and the contractor will update it to standard copper wiring. This is a big job because your wiring is located behind your walls. For this reason, if you are planning any remodeling, this is a great time to do it and kill two birds with one stone. Find an electrical service near you to inspect your home and perform any upgrades you might need to run a modern...

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Survivability Design and Material Sourcing for Small Materials

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Survivability Design and Material Sourcing for Small Materials

Before the smartphone revolution, computer hobbyists were already testing out small computers. Small form factor boards such as the Mini-ITX and smaller sizes could be build inside cases and installed in hard to reach places, but getting manufacturers to sell others parts that fit proved to be a challenge. If you’re working on a small computer project and need a steady supply of parts or an industry professional’s help in finding what you need, keep a few tips of the trade in mind. Always Account for Survivability Building a custom system can be a fun challenge, but you need to do more than make it work in a safe environment. Unless you plan on putting the system in a stronghold-like data center with lots of security–which could do without small systems–you’ll need to make sure that your new device can stand up to damage. Shock absorbers are necessary, but knowing what kind of shock absorber to use can be difficult. In some cases, a rubber seal between both halves is good enough. Other times, a spring-loaded set of cylinders resembling a car’s shock absorbers may be necessary. In the end, it all depends on how the final user will treat the device. Electronic components distributors can help you figure out the problem by examining other products using their supplies. If some of them are designed to be “rugged” or durable in hazardous conditions, pull a few pages from their design theory and apply them to your device. The distributor can probably provide cases that can be taken apart, and even the different materials used in those cases. Rubber stoppers, springs, seals, and gel pads are some of the more common shock absorbers. Gel pads specifically can be added to the outside of the device and can transfer some of the force of a drop to other parts of the case. You’ll want to make sure that the inside board is secured and padded with either the same gel as insulation or a layer of rubber that can absorb and distribute even more force. Finding Electronic Components That Fit If you’re making a unique device, there may not be an easily found set of components that are compatible. Memory and expansion cards such as video cards are often made for the average desktop computer, with even the smallest size proving a challenge for Mini-ITX and smaller devices. Instead of searching for the components yourself, let electronic component suppliers know what you’re looking for. A long list of vendors and fabrication teams may be ready to release old products in storage or even design a new solution that could work for your product. A custom device often needs to be made in bulk for most business deals, but you may be able to meet up with a team who has the right tools and the right attitude to have the component altered to your specifications. Don’t waste your time searching the same websites on your own; contact an electronic components distributors to make the search...

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Answering Frequent Questions Concerning The Digital High-Definition Projector

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Answering Frequent Questions Concerning The Digital High-Definition Projector

If you want a cinema-quality experience when it comes to watching movies at home or sharing productions at the office, a digital overhead projection system is definitely the way to go. Even though cinematic projectors have been around for a long time, the more modern high-definition multimedia interfaces have taken the idea to an entirely new realm. With these new projectors, such as the HD 8801, you get much more than a cinematic experience. You get the chance to experience high-resolution pictures and movement that is capable of supporting even 3-D technology. Here are a few of the most common questions concerning digital high-definition projectors. Can you install the high-definition projector systems on your own? If you have some experience with home theater systems, you may be able to install the projector system on your own, but it is usually recommended that the system is installed by a professional for the best results and picture quality. The projector itself must be perfectly mounted in position overhead on the ceiling, and stabilizers are installed to hold the device secure. In addition, the receptor screen must be precisely placed and aligned on the wall of your home or office. Most laymen do not have the experience or tools to make sure that the high-definition projector system is appropriately positioned. Is it true that you must have a large receptor screen to achieve the best resolution and quality? This can vary depending on the specific model that you have installed as some models are designed to coincide best with specific screen receptor sizes. However, most projector interfaces have the capability of adjusting resolution according to the size of the screen. This involves a short calibration process that must be accomplished when the system is first installed. This flexibility means that high-def projector systems are perfect for a range of different settings, from the home theater to the large conference room. Will a wireless streaming connection have a negative effect on the projected images? When you have your HD projector unit installed, you will have the choice to have it connected wirelessly to your network or hardwired in with connecting cables. If you do not have enough bandwith to support a strong connection during streaming, you could see some lagging in motion when watching videos, which is never a desirable thing. For this reason, most customers choose to have the system connected with straight connections to the computer network. When you take a look at how the modern digital HD projector can change the way you stream movies and images, it is easy to see why this is quickly becoming a popular fixture in business settings and home theaters. If you have further questions or concerns, consult with a HD projector consultant for more...

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How Rigid Flex Circuit Boards Can Help Your Company Re-Engineer Your Current Camera Design

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Digital camera designs are evolving all the time. In order to remain competitive with smartphones that include integrated camera technology, digital cameras must be smaller, more lightweight, more reliable and more durable than ever before. Rigid flex circuit boards can make all this happen. For ultimate flexibility of form and durability of design, turn to rigid flex circuit boards.  Control Aesthetics and Ergonomic Comfort with Rigid Flex Circuit Boards The shape of the camera should never have to conform to the shape of the interior parts. Unlike traditional rigid circuit boards, rigid flex circuit boards are made of bendable and slender plastic substrates that can take on the outer shape of the camera. This convenient feature allows you to design your digital camera in whatever shape that is most pleasant to see and easiest to hold, without concern for the shape of the interior circuit boards.  Control the Size of Your Digital Camera Design The invention of smartphone cameras has led many consumers to seek cameras that are as small as possible. Using rigid flex circuit boards, your company’s engineers can design cameras that use space as efficiently as possible. This technology allows your company’s engineers to densely pack the interior components of your digital cameras, and eliminates wasted space inside each camera’s design. This flexibility of shape can help your company control the size of its cameras, making your company’s camera designs as compact and convenient as the market demands. This ensures that your digital camera company can compete with smartphone cameras.  Rigid Flex Circuit Boards Have Improved Durability Unlike traditional circuit boards, which rely on vulnerable interface connections like solder joints, flex circuit boards have fewer interconnect points and are less likely to break as a result. In addition, rigid flex circuit boards have a higher impact resistance because the flexible design is less likely to be damaged by reverberations when dropped. Your Company Will Save Money By making the shape of your digital camera as efficient as possible, your company will save money on parts and materials in the manufacturing process. You can even pass these savings down to your customers, ensuring that your company’s prices remain competitive and your company customers remain loyal. This can help your digital camera company stay in business in a market where smartphone cameras are increasingly popular.   Stay on top of the latest technologies by using rigid flex circuit boards for your digital camera design. For more information about the advantages of rigid flex circuit boards, contact a manufacturer with a reputation for...

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